Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone on Earth Day

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Events

Today (April 22nd) is Earth Day around the World. Earth Day was launched in order to create awareness about the many environmental problems around the globe including global warming, deforestation and lots more. Earth Day also helps to remind us all about taking care of the Earth that we all live in.

In order to celebrate Earth Day 2011 why not dig out your old mobile phones and send them in to be recycled. Recycling mobile phones ensures that hazardous materials in mobile phones are disposed of correctly and also helps conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

Not only does recycling your old mobile phone help save the Earth’s natural resources but it also can save enough electricity to power a computer for 44 hours.

So support the Earth and recycle your mobile phone at one of the many mobile recyclers including Mobile Phone Xchange or Simply Drop.

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