Redeem Plc Mobile Recycling Company Expanding at a Faster Rate than Ever

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Money4urMobileScottish mobile recycling company, Redeem Plc owner of Money4urMobile and in partnership with Boots Recycle is expanding at a faster rate than ever with a massive international operation and in talks with the UK’s biggest mobile networks.

In the last few years the mobile phone recycling industry has gone from strength to strength, becoming a multi million pound industry. This is partly due to businesses and consumers wanting to do their bit to help the environment and also more recently due to the economic recession where consumers are looking to get as much extra cash in their pockets as possible.

Many of the top UK mobile recycling sites including Mazuma Mobile, Fonebank, Mobile Phone Xchange and Envirofone all have TV advertising which makes the public more aware than ever about their recycling services.

Redeem Plc launched 10 years ago and already has operations in Scotland, London, Dublin, Istanbul, Rome and most recently a huge recycling centre in Hong Kong. Every month Redeem recycle over 70,000 mobile handsets mostly under their partners brands, one of which is Boots Mobile Recycle.

Redeem based in Scotland, currently employ 90 staff in the UK including 40 in their Falkirk call centre. In the past 3 years Redeem has grown by a massive 200%… They are currently in talks with 2 of the UK’s biggest mobile phone networks to handle all their recycling. If these 2 contacts go through by the end of 2010 their annual turnover will double to £30 million and profits will be £2 Million.

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