Remember Data Protection when Recycling Old Mobile Phones or Computers

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Old mobile phones that have been sent to be reused or recycled are rarely thought of again, however many still lots of personal data on which would be valuable to criminals than the actual device.

The European Data Protection Supervisor, Peter Hustinx said that data protection risks need to be taken into account as lots of personal information can be left on both mobile phones, PCs and laptops when they are disposed of. He did however make clear that he does welcome the environmental benefits of mobile phones being recycled correctly.

Hard drives from computers or memory cards in mobile phones could be salvaged and then sold on to organized criminals who will access the data to look for credit card numbers or information on the person’s sex lives.

Peter Hustinx has 2 new proposals for EU legislators, the first would be to integrate privacy and data protection into the design of electronic equipment by default, in order to allow users to easily delete personal data using simple, free of charge means. The second proposal would be too include language disallowing the marketing of used electronic devices which have not undergone security measures in order to erase any personal information they may contain.

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