Remember to Recycle at Christmas

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

It is especially important for people to consider their environmental impact at this festive time of year, when recent studies have shown that UK householders throw away over 15% more waste than at any other time of the year.

Its become second nature that most people recycle their old cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and Christmas cards but people are still unaware that they can do the same with old or unwanted electrical products.

Old mobile phones and other items such as MP3 players, iPods, cameras and games consoles can now be recycled online for cash payments at popular recycling sites, Mobile Phone Xchange or Greentec. So remember once you have written your thank you letter to Father Christmas, make sure you get your old electrical items in the post not only to help the environment but to get some extra cash for the January sales.

Other electrical items can also be handed in at local council recycling centres to be disposed of correctly.

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