RPC Recycle Donates Cash Through Mobile Recycling Initiative to Msizi Africa

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A charity that supports children in poverty in African countries, Msizi Africa has recently received an extra £427.85 in cash through a new mobile recycling initiative set up through popular mobile recycler, RPC Recycle.

The new scheme collected old mobile phones through employees of market research company, The Nielsen Company whose head office is in Oxford. The 98 handsets that were collected were then sent to RPC Recycle to be recycled and refurbished.

The funds that were raised by Nielsen and RPC Recycle will go towards projects in Southern Africa. The charity, Msizi Africa provides food for children who are homeless or have been orphaned or both.

Director and founder of Msizi Africa, Lucy Caslon said “I am delighted that the handsets donated by Nielsen were worth so much, seven children will be fed for a year so a big thanks to Nielsen. The recycling scheme by RPC Recycle is really great because they pay us the full value of each phone and it doesn’t cost us a penny.”

Its hoped that other companies will get involved and ask their staff to donate old mobiles so more money can be raised for the charity in the future. Visit the Msizi Africa site here to find out how you can help.

RPC Recycle also support several other charities and this year have donated over £3300 to good causes. They also work to provide affordable mobile handsets to people in developing countries who rely on mobile phones for communication.

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