RPC Recycle Urges People to get the Best Value for their Old Mobiles

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RPC Recycle, are one of the UK’s most popular recycling sites, have sent out a recent message to urge people who have recently upgraded or bought a new handset to recycle their old ones for the best prices.

RPC Recycle who are based in Staffordshire offers cash payments for a wide range of different mobile models. Their main aim is too offer their customers the best prices possible for their unwanted handsets. They will also consider buying old handsets that are faulty or no longer work.

Rebecca Downie from RPC Recycle said “Many consumers don’t know how much their old mobile devices are worth. Many of these devices are simply left gathering dust – or worse still, end up in a landfill site. At RPC Recycle we’ve long been committed to helping educate people about how much their phones are worth, and how important it is that old mobiles don’t end up buried at landfill.”

Currently RPC Recycle offers cheque or Paypal payments for old mobile phones but in the near future will also offers BACS payments.

Recycle your old mobile at RPC Recycle here

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