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BlackBerry 8310 CurveAny BlackBerry mobile phone is easy to sell online.

Recycling companies pay cash for old handsets to re-use, re-condition and recycle the components.

Phones that are working may have the data erased and the software reset so the phone can be sold on, sometimes to developing countries. Phones that don’t work will be stripped down to their valuable individual parts and either re-used in other phones, melted down or disposed of safely.

Mobile phone recycling companies are providing an essential service to the environment by preventing handsets ending up in landfill sites where they can poison the land and water.

By recycling an old phone people are stopping pollution and saving mining of new resources.

Few easy steps

There are many services on the web that provide this service. Simply select your model number and manufacturer on the websites.

Next choose your preferred available payment either cheque, BACS, gift voucher or donation to charity.

Then send your BlackBerry in a padded envelope to their address, usually freepost. After a few days you will receive the payment.

Top BlackBerry 8310 Curve Recycle Mobile Values

Earth Mobile
£37 cash

£36 cash

Working: £35 cash or £39 vouchers
Non-working: £10.50 or £12 vouchers

£35 cash

£31.02 cash

Sell Old Phone
Working: £20 cash
Non Working £11.95 cash

Prices are correct as of 13 April 2009. See sites for latest prices as they may vary.

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