Sell Broken Mobile Phones – In What Condition Can You Sell a Non Working Phone?

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Many mobile recycling sites will accept non working mobile phones and will pay you between 10% and 90% of the original price. Examples of the condition of non working handsets that you can recycle for slightly less money include the following:

  • Handsets that will not switch on
  • Phones that are PIN locked and you do not know the PIN.
  • The outside casing is badly damaged
  • No Battery
  • Cover missing
  • Keypad isn’t working
  • The SIM card holder inside is either broken or missing
  • The operating system on the phone is either not working or missing all together
  • The aerial is missing or broken

This is the majority of cases where your handset can still be sold as non working. If the mobile phone is beyond economical repair (BER) it’s likely that you won’t receive any money for your old phone however many recycling sites will still dispose of it correctly for you. Examples of BER include but are not limited too:

  • Broken in pieces or in more than one piece
  • Water damaged
  • Touch screen not working
  • Stolen – Barred by a network / On IMEI blacklist or IMEI has be changed (If this is the case many sites will report these to the police)
  • Screen bleeding or cracked

Again this is the majority of cases where you will get zero cash for your old phone. When recycling an old faulty handset ensure you either tick the box or select that it isn’t working (when available) to ensure that you still get the best price. Some mobile recycling sites will email you once your broken mobile phone has been received to offer you a reduced price, sites like Money4MyMobile can give you an instant quote.

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23 Responses to “Sell Broken Mobile Phones – In What Condition Can You Sell a Non Working Phone?”

  1. megan Says:

    what if my broken phone has more than one of these problems wrong with it ?

  2. Steve Says:

    If your old handset has more than one fault you will still be able to sell it but at a reduced price.
    Some recycling sites will give you an instant quote for your broken mobile.

  3. jordanmarsh Says:

    my samsung tocco light is broken i tern it on its gor water damage it wont let me go on to menu how much can i get for it

  4. Usha Says:

    I mobile is working as normal but the screen is cracked in one corner. How much could I get for this?

  5. Steve Says:


    You can get full quotes for your broken mobiles by visiting:

  6. Kevin Marshall Says: offer the best prices for broken iPhones, just got £80.00 for my iPhone 3G 8GB with a cracked screen 😉

  7. maggie Says:

    right, well i have an lg secret thats not broke i just dont have a battery will you give me the best possible price or other websites to visit?

  8. admin Says:

    Hi. Most sites class mobiles with missing parts such as the battery as non-working so will fetch less money.
    Money4mymobile and Mopay have two of the best non-working prices for the LG Secret.

  9. danny Says:

    i have a samsung galaxy s but i totally smashed the screen, is there definitely no chance of getting even a small amount of money for this?

  10. Steve Says:

    Yes broken phones can be sold even with a smashed screen, you will still get a reduced price. Simply visit Money4myMobile here:

  11. Rakey Says:

    I have a Sony Ericsson K850i, everything works except one problem, where you put the charger in, it took the inside out with it. When this happened (after it was fully charged) the phone was still working, but I knew I would not be able to re-charge it again once my battery finishes. I still got the little piece it took out (including the actual charger piece that broke as well, but there stuck together). I know its fixable, but it’ll cost me £70 since im not insured. How much can I sell it for?

  12. simone Says:

    hi i have a samsung E250i and it has a broken keypad can you recommened the best site that’ll give me the best deal?? please 🙂

  13. tina Says:



  14. Ezeribe Raphael Says:

    Sir/madam, how can i get reach an contract legal agreement to the main person purchasing broken mobile phone . I have interest to supplying it in large quantity direct to him. Please possible you cal me on line with +222 > 36116403, 33315478, 20881630, 47951967. I hope to hear from you soonest. Bst Rgds E/R.

  15. Sally Says:

    What is my old mobile isnt working because it wont start and the keypad is weak/broken and there is still memory in the phone with files that cant be deleted because the phone isnt working? the battery has been tested and its the whole phone which isnt working. does the memory chip get destroyed?

  16. Sell Old Mobile Phone Says:

    Hi Sally,

    You can sell the non working handset for a discounted price. Any external memory cards should be removed before sending it in.

    Once you have sold it the handset will be refurbished to get it working, this will restore it to factory settings so will wipe any data you have on it.

    If the handset is beyond repair then the valuable parts will be removed and sold and the rest will be recycled in line with the UK WEEE Directive. The internal memory chip in this situation will be destroyed.

  17. Sally Says:

    Thank you for your instant reply! It is so hard to find out information about recycling mobile these days. All they talk about is the money you recieve and not about the process/procedures of recycling and take days to reply!

  18. Sally Says:

    Hello. When has the LgU8120 lost its reuse value? Also, the circuit doesnt work on the phone, but will the curcuit and chip get destroyed together because I still have data on the phone that I cant delete because the phone wont start up.

  19. Sell Old Mobile Phone Says:

    Hi again Sally,

    Older Mobile phones such as the LG U8120 which is from 2004 will have probably have lost any major value back in 2006 – 2007.

    We’ve had a quick look for you and it seems that the most you can get for a non working U8120 would be just 30p. You can find more details and sell it here:

    By sending it in for this price you would really only be doing your bit for the environment.

    If the phone cannot be refurbished then it will be recycled and the parts including the memory chip and circuit board destroyed.

  20. Jemma Says:

    i have a iphone 5 with water damage will i get anything for it?

  21. jim Says:

    Samsung core not switching on

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