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HTC TouchThe HTC Touch like most mobile phones is almost completely recyclable. Selling the phone to a recycling company will ensure that as much of the materials and resources as possible are conserved.

The way in which HTC mobiles are recycled will depend on their condition. Working handsets may have the data reset and cleaned up then sold to poor countries. Other handsets will be stripped down, being completely dismantled, so that all the precious earth metals and manufactured materials can be melted down or used in brand new mobile phones.

Having a service available where anyone can easily post their old mobile phones for recycling is essential in order to save Earth’s resources and stop poisoning of the land.

It has never been easier to recycle (and make some money) from posting a little box of plastic and precious metals through a letter box. This makes great use of those old red post boxes on the street corners.

So without further delay, here are the prices and where you can sell HTC Touch phones:

£46 cash

£44.88 cash

Working: £40 cash or £44 M&S vouchers
Non working: £12 or £13 M&S vouchers

Prices are correct as of 11 March 2009. See sites for non-working prices as they vary.

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