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iPhone 8GB (2G)The Apple iPhone has been one of the most popular and sought after smartphone type handsets ever since its release in 2007. The all-in-one device allowed people to do away with their old phone and iPod combination.

This of course resulted in lots of old iPods and phones being either recycled or not disposed of properly. Hopefully they were recycled.

But since the first release of the iPhone which only worked on 2G mobile phone networks there have been newer and faster models. Because peoples contracts are now running out they want the newest 3G or 3Gs handsets.

So what can we do with the original iPhone 2G handsets?

Recycle them of course! By sending your phone to a dedicated mobile phone recycling company you can get cash sent to you within a week or two. Recycling phones like this is becoming more popular because of how easy it is and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, and smart.

People want cash and want it now with as little as possible hassle. So if you have an old iPhone that you want to sell, simply choose where you’d like to send it, then pop it in a FREEPOST jiffy bag. Once they receive and check it they’ll send out a cheque, BACS payment, vouchers, donation to charity or whatever method you have chosen.

The sites below give prices for all the iPhones, new and old. If you have a later model the value will be higher.

Current prices paid for working 8GB Apple iPhone (2G):

£126 cash

£112 cash

£101 cash or £112 Argos vouchers

£100.11 cash

Working: £100 cash or up to £120 vouchers
Non-working £30 cash or up to £36 vouchers

Earth Mobile
£100 cash

£100 cash

Working: £90.02
Non-working £20.50

Boots Recycle
Working: 8,333 Advantage Card points
Non-working: 300 Advantage Card points

Prices are correct as of 19 August 2009.

Happy recycling.

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