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Motorola RAZR2 V8Motorola have for a long time made mobiles that attract huge amounts of users. Every 18 to 24 months people on contracts are given brand new models.

There are a lot of old handsets! The lucky ones are sold to friends, contacts or on auction websites. The unlucky ones get left on the side, get turned into dusty ornaments, left in drawer or even thrown away (the horror!)

I have an old Motorola phone, What can I do with it?

Recycle it. There are several online companies that will pay you via cheque, BACS, donation to charity or Paypal for your old handset whether it works or not.

It turns out there are valuable components in mobile phones that can be recycled for use in new phones. There are also toxic elements inside that need to be disposed of correctly.

So the best thing to do with any old phone that is damaged, working or broken is recycle it.

Here is how

The following services allow you to find a price for your old handset. Once found you simply post the phone to a freepost address and they will send the payment usually within a week.

Current prices and where to sell Motorola RAZR2 V8 handsets:

Working £36 cash
Non-working £18 cash

Working £35.50 cash or £43 vouchers
Non-working £10.65 cash or £13 vouchers

Mobile Phone Xchange
£34 cash or £38 Argos voucher

Sell Old Mobile
Working £31.50 cash
Non-working £9.99 cash

Earth Mobile
£31 cash

£30 cash

£29.02 cash or  £31.92 Argos voucher

Prices correct as of 5th August 2009.

You are helping to save the environment by:

  • reducing toxic chemicals reaching the land and water supply
  • reducing carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere by not mining & manufacturing new materials
  • making some cash to buy a solar panel or wind turbine! OK, maybe not but it is easy to make money selling your old phone.

You may get more money for your mobile on an auction site like Ebay. While this is a good way to recycle, money and time can be saved by selling to a dedicated recycling company.

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