Sell Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones for Recycling

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Sony Ericsson phones have been a popular choice of handset manufacturer in recent years. With the average upgrade taking place every 18 months, some of these used handsets get sold to friends, contacts or on Ebay.

All the ones that don’t get sold begin their after-life on a table, then bam! before you know it, it has made its’ way into a draw, underneath a bill where no-one will find it.

So what’s the problem?

The drawer could be cleared out one day and that mobile handset gets chucked into the bin and ends up and the landfill site, polluting the land with all its toxic materials and working its way into the food chain. Now, no-one wants that do they?

A better idea than keeping an old handset, is to sell it, sell it right away while it has more value. And by far the easiest way of selling an old mobile is by using an established recycling service.


All that is required of you is to type in your mobile phone model, or select the manufacturer then model, in this example we want to sell Sony Ericsson K800i.

Next step is choose where you want the cash, cheque, BACS payment sent or choose a higher value voucher if available.

Then, you send your Sony Ericsson in a jiffy, They send you your hard cash payment in a few days, the phone gets recycled and everyone on planet Earth is happy.

Top Sony Ericsson K800i Mobile Phone values:

  1. Fonebank
    £29 cash
  2. Envirofone
    £25.03 cash or £27.53 Argos vouchers
  3. Mopay
    £24.05 cash or £29 M&S vouchers
  4. MobilePhoneXchange
    £21 cash

So offset your negative impact in the world, feel good, save kittens and puppies and get paid for it!

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