Simply Drop off your Old Mobile Phones for Cash Payments with Royal Mail

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Simply Drop is a new recycling scheme that has recently been launched by Royal Mail. It was initially trialled in London before being rolled out to the rest of the UK.

Simply Drop is in partnership with the Recycle for London team and the Met Police National Phone Crime Unit, as well as several other organisations and charities.

The new recycling scheme allows consumers to send in old mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and ink cartridges in return for either cash or a donation to 1 of 5 UK charities including Barnardo’s. Users can be paid their money by either postal order, Paypal or by visiting their nearest Post Office and collecting the cash in person.

Matthew Neilson of Royal Mail Simply drop said, “This is an initiative of huge importance to us and we are very happy to have the backing of Recycle for London. We expect this will also be a great fundraising stream for Barnardo’s and all the other charities involved.”

Recycle your old mobile phone at Simply Drop here

4 Responses to “Simply Drop off your Old Mobile Phones for Cash Payments with Royal Mail”

  1. Juliet Waugh Says:

    Recycling scheme is a very new trend in mobile market.I think this is a great way to use your old and useless phone.This way we can clean the environment as well.

  2. Haul it Louisville Guy Says:

    Companies in the US are just recently starting to get into programs like the one you describe. I hope it continues. Your article was well written by the way.

  3. double glazing bedford Says:

    Many other mobile phone recycling services exist and royal mail are late into the market. How is this any different to other ones out there?

  4. Sell Old Mobile Phone Says:

    A couple of unique points about Simply Drop is they also offer recycling for MP3 players, digital cameras and ink cartridges as well as mobile phones. They also offer cash at the Post Office.

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