The Daily Mirror Launches New Mobile and Gadget Recycling Site

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged MirrorGoGreen

The Daily Mirror in partnership with ShP Limited has recently launched a first of its kind mobile and gadget recycling website called MirrorGoGreen. The new site is aimed at helping people become more environmentally responsible and at the same time earn some extra money by recycling old electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, Sat Navs or MP3 players.

The new service is one of the first in the country to offer multiple product trade ins. The Daily Mirror are also the first national newspaper to launch this type of online recycling service.

For recycling old electronic devices at MirrorGoGreen people can choose whether to be paid in cash either by cheque or direct to their bank account.

Co-founder and Owner of ShP Limited, Simon Walsh said: “Its great to team up with one of the UK’s national newspapers. This recycling service is the perfect way for gadget consumers to recycle all their old gadgets, help the environment and get cash in return.”

Recycle your old mobile handsets and gadgets at MirrorGoGreen here

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