Top 10 Most Valuable Nokia Phones on Mobile Recycling Sites

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This month is a popular time for many people to think about upgrading or purchasing a new mobile handset. With the amount of different mobile recycling sites now available it’s easy to make back some of the money you spend on the latest model by recycling the old one.

Should you be thinking of upgrading or already have to the latest Nokia phone and have an old one lying around we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most valuable so you can see how much cash you will get.

Top 10 most valuable Nokia handsets on mobile recycling sites:

1 ) Nokia N900 – £195 (Mobile Phone Xchange)

2 ) Nokia N97 – £185.10 (Phone Recycle Bank)

3 ) Nokia N97 Mini – £170.50 (Money4MyMobile)

4 ) Nokia 8800 Arte – £152 (Money4urMobile)

5 ) Nokia N86 8MP – £135 (RPC Recycle)

6 ) Nokia X6 – £129 (Mobile Phone Xchange)

7 ) Nokia N95 8GB – £120 (RPC Recycle)

8 ) Nokia N96 – £118 (RPC Recycle)

9 ) Nokia 5530 Xpress Music – £100 (Mazuma)

10 ) Nokia E71 – £97 (Fonebank)

We were surprised to see almost all these Nokia phones were worth over £100 even though some are well over 18 months old. This shows that many Nokia phones and Smartphones do keep their value over time much better than other handset manufacturers, so by buying a Nokia phone you can be sure that you can sell it for a nice amount of cash once you have upgraded to the latest model.

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