Top Items to Recycle to Earn Extra Cash

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Recently there has been a rise in the amount of mobile phone being recycled this is possibly down to the British public going through some hard economic times and also becoming aware of the environmental benefits to recycling.

Mobile phones are one of the best things to recycle to put some extra money in your pocket as they can quickly make you up to as much as £400 each. Mobile phones are not the only things you can recycle to help earn some extra cash. Other items that can be returned or recycled for cash include:

– Printer Cartridges – Up to £3 each

– Glass bottles – 30p each

– Books – Up to £4 each

– Aluminium Cans – 50p per kilo (About 70 cans)

CD’s, DVD’s and Games – 25p to £15 each

– Selling scrap metal

– Clothes – Many websites allow you to sell or swap clothes

Consumers are looking for ways to generate extra money in this current climate. While mobile recycling is still one of the most popular there are still many other ways that people can re-use and recycle old items and get paid money for it whilst helping the environment.

Recycle your old mobile here.

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