UK Households Hoarding Electrical Waste Instead of Recycling

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Envirofone

A recent survey sponsored by one of the biggest mobile recycling companies, Envirofone has found that the amount of old mobile phones and other electrical items hoarded in people’s houses would amount to £28 billion, one fifth of the UK’s budget deficit.

The poll revealed that an average household was £110 worth of unwanted gadgets stashed away including mobile phones, MP3 players, DVD players, digital cameras, laptops and games consoles. Envirofone says that all these items can be recycled to make lots of money for their owners.

Many old electrical items in people’s homes could be from unwanted Christmas presents or items that have been upgraded to the latest models. The report stated that in 2009 over a million tonnes of electrical items were thrown in the bin only to end up at landfill either in this country or abroad.

Envirofone’s brand Manager, John Butler, said it was extremely shocking to see how many electrical items were being thrown in the bin especially in these hard economic times.

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