UN Calls for Electronic Waste to be Reduced

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According to a study published by the UN the world must start doing more to cope with the growing problem of e-waste that is being produced.

The study says that the amount of e-waste which includes mobile phones and computers could grow as much as 500% over the next 10 years in some countries including China, India and Africa nations.

The report has stated that electronic waste is piling up at a rate of 40 million tonnes a year, 2.6 million tonnes comes from China and the USA is producing 3.3 million tonnes.

Many developing nations are happy to take e-waste from other countries in order to extract some of the precious materials from them.

It has been said that the world was not prepared to handle the explosion of electronic gadgets over the past 10 years. The world is now confronted with a massive wave of e-waste that has come back and hit us, particularly in third world countries that have become a dumping ground.

The study has also predicted that unless something is done China’s waste rate from old computers will quadruple from 2007 levels by 2020.

Unless the e-waste problem is dealt with properly and reduced it could cause major environmental problems and even threaten public health the report has warned.

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