Universal mobile phone re-charger to be introduced

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Micro USB Universal Mobile Phone ChargerAn agreement has been made with leading mobile phone manufacturers including Nokia, Apple and Sony Ericsson to start selling handsets that fit a universal charger.

The agreement has been made in response to consumers who are sick of having a charger with a different connection on for every phone. In countries throughout the European Union there are currently around 30 different charges and its estimated that as people upgrade their phones each year there may be as many as 51,000 sitting around unused. Others may be thrown away which is creating unnecessary waste and cost.

The other mobile phone manufacturers to sign the deal include Motorola, NEC, LG, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Samsung and the maker of Blackberry handsets Research in Motion.

The universal charger will use a Micro-USB connection and the first handsets using it will go on sale next year.

The Conservative consumer spokesman, MEP Malcolm Harbour, in response to the new charger said, “The days of drawers full of pointless old mobile chargers will soon be over. Common sense has prevailed.”

“The recent agreement will encourage people to recycle their old chargers, which will help to prevent electronic waste.”

“It is great that the European Commission was able to reach an agreement with the mobile phone industry, without their having to be new regulation put in place.”

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