Valpak and T-mobile Launch Mobile Recycling Guide

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

Mobile phone network T-Mobile in partnership with Valpak Limited has recently launched a recycling guide mobile phone application that will allow people in the UK to find their nearest recycling points quickly and easily.

Recycle guide can be downloaded from the T-Mobile website and shows users where they can recycle old household items. The application also provides users with recycling tips, links to useful sites and helps them keep track of items that they have already recycled.

Its estimated that many thousands of people in the UK will throw their old items in the bin or on rubbish tips simply because they do not know where their nearest recycling points are, this recycling guide should help solve that problem.

Valpak LTD who helped develop the application help large and small businesses comply with the latest recycling legislation.

Recycle your mobile phone here

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