What’s the best way to get rid of electronic products?

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Quite simply the best way is to recycle them. Electronic products contain many hazardous materials including polybrominated flame retardants, cadmium and selenium. So if electronic products aren’t disposed of correctly and end up in landfill sites, they can release these hazardous chemicals into the environment.

The WEEE directive that was introduced recently, its main aim is to reduce the amount of electrical goods that are sent to landfill sites. As a result either manufacturer’s of electrical goods are taking back their old products once they have been used or you will notice a lot more recycling facilities than there was 5 years ago.

White Goods

For recycling large white goods the first place you should visit should be your local council recycling centre. If they don’t have their own recycling facilities they should be able to advise you of companies either locally or online that will take your old goods off your hands. Alternatively there could be some furniture aid companies that will take large white goods off you, rather than recycling them they will be passed to either homeless or less fortunate people that can get some use of them.

Smaller Electronic Goods

Some council run recycling centres will also take batteries, CD’s and other electrical items such as computers or laptops. Many online companies will also take smaller electronic products off your hands often in return for a cash payment. Items such as CD’s can be sent to a company called Music Magpie who will dispose of them correctly.

Recycle Mobile Phones

Envirofone and Fone Bank are examples of two companies who will pay you cash for your old mobile. Many more mobile recycling companies can be found and compared for the best prices through this site. In some developing countries landline infrastructures is very poor so mobile phones can make a great alternative, many old phones that can be refurbished and re-used will be sent to these countries. Many parts of old mobile phones will also be re-used to reduce the amount of raw materials that are manufactured in the future.

Recycle your old Mobile here

Recycle CD’s here

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  1. mobile phone recycling Says:

    Recycling a old mobile is a good option. I recently got one site where i sold my old mobile phone.They Provides a simple yet comprehensively managed solution for the disposal of new, end-of-line, surplus or used mobile phones for cash. I think in this way we can help in preventing our environment from toxins, which comes out of electronic goods.

  2. weee recycling Says:

    Be sure to do your homework on the company that you use, if not the local council. You should ask what happens to the equipment. Some companies export the so called working equipment however what happens to that equipment when it is redundant in that country. We recycle all waste we receive working or not.

  3. Computer Recycling and Disposal Says:

    for some items you can take advantage of obligatory takeback schemes. Many exist but few are publicised (usually you can have your old items taken away as the new ones are installed).

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