Fonebank is a part of Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited who are an online mobile phone recycling company located in the centre of London. Fonebank currently recycle or reuse over 70,000 phones per month that are sent in from all across Europe. These also include higher value devices such as iPhones, PDAs and Blackberry handsets. In 2008 they paid out over £1Million to their customers, they estimate that this figure will rise to over £4Million in 2009. Fone bank will pay you up to £220 for your old phone and once the handset is received, the turnaround time is pretty quick at just 2 days. They provide an excellent service for the disposal of new, surplus and used phones, so whether you an individual, represent a business, organization or charity Fonebank can help you raise some extra cash.

How it works:

  • Click on the sell now tab at the top of the page. Select the manufacturer and model of your phone.
  • The next page will give you a price for your working handset, if your handset doesn’t work then select the no working link on that page. Add the quantity you have and click on the add to cart button. On the next page you must create an account and fill in the required details so you can login to the website. If you represent a company, charity or organization there is a separate account page for you.
  • After registering you can complete checkout, all the necessary details are then provided to you on the site or via e-mail. You then need to wrap up your phone(s) in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and return to either the freepost address or for added security send via recorded delivery. If you have more than 15 phones and want to recycle them in bulk then Fonebank will send a courier to you for free collection.
  • Once the mobile(s) are received, they will be checked over and payment released within 2 days via cheque or bank transfer.


Payment is sent via Cheque or Bank Transfer (BACS)

Recycle your old phones at Fonebank here

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