Greentec Mobile Recycling Company – Highest Prices Paid for Selling Mobile Phones and Other Electronics

Greentec want to encourage their customers to take positive actions by recycling old mobile phones, iPods / MP3 Players, Games Consoles and Cameras for cash payments. There are a number of benefits to selling your old phone or other electronic product at Greentec which include the highest prices for many mobile phone models, top prices for other electronic products, fast order tracking, quick payments and they also provide excellent customer service. Also Greentec are partners with a number of charities who they donate money too.

How it Works:

1) Visit the Greentec website. If you are selling a mobile phone simply click on the button that says ‘start’ or the large grey box that shows you the steps to sell your old phone.

2) Select the manufacturer of your handset from the list and then select your handset from the pictures that show up. You may need to go through the pages to find your model.

3) On the following page you will be quoted a price for your handset depending on the condition that it is in, you must decide which grade your old phone is. The different grades are:

– New – Brand new handset in box with all accessories and plastic cover still on phone. Total talk time not exceeding 15 minutes.

– Grade A – Fully working handset with box, charger and all accessories. Handset must be as new.

– Grade B – Fully working phone in a good condition with slight marks or tiny scratches. Must have original box, charger and all accessories.

– Grade C – Fully working phone with in an an OK condition that works fine. Includes battery, charger is preferred but not essential.

Greentec also accept non working handsets and will quote a price for these on this page. A link to the terms and conditions can also be found which explains the various grades in more detail.

4) Once you have selected your old phone proceed to the final screen by pressing the ‘next’ button.

5) You must then fill in your details including the grade of your mobile phone. If you have another old mobile you would like to add simply fill in the additional handsets section at the bottom of the form.

6) You will then be provided with a freepost address to send your old mobile too. You must return both your old handset and a copy of your order. Once received the mobile handset will be tested and checked and you will be sent payment with 3 days via either bank transfer or cheque.

Selling a Camera, iPod or Games Console at Greentec

If you have an old camera, iPod or games console that you want to sell simply follow the links below depending on which electronic item you are recycling:

Sell Cameras

Recycle iPod

Sell Games Console

Recycle Phones

The mobile phone process above is the same for all electronic items.

Sell Old Mobile Phone

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