Top Dollar Mobile

Top Dollar Mobile

Top Dollar Mobile is owned and operated by GY Telecom Ltd who have over 16 years experience in the mobile recycling industry. As they have an extensive sales and distribution network they can guarantee top prices for your unwanted mobile phones.

Not only do they offer some of the highest prices for over 90% on the mobile models in their catalogue but they will also pay up to 50% of the original value for a non-working mobile phone. On top of that they offer fast payment via cheque or BACS within 5 working days, excellent customer service, a freepost envelope or free courier for 15 or more handsets and their promise that all mobile phones will be recycled in accordance with the WEEE directive in order to help protect the environment.

Also Top Dollar Mobile will donate 0.05% of every phone recycled to the charity they support, World Vision. World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian Organisation and by working with Top Dollar Mobile hope to improve conditions for children in Zimbabwe and help fund and set up schools in China.

How it Works

  1. Search for the model you want to sell using the drop down box to search for the manufacturer and the search box to type in the model.
  2. On the following screen you will be quoted a working and non-working price for your old handset.
  3. If you are happy with the price that you have been offered simply type in the IMEI number in the box to the left and select whether you want BACS or cheque payment. If you choose cheque then £1 will be deducted from your final payment.
  4. Next proceed through the checkout and accept the terms and conditions. Once this is completed you will be sent a freepost envelope in which to send your old mobiles in, if you are trading in 15 or more handsets then a free courier will be provided.
  5. Once received your old mobile will be checked and your cash will be sent via cheque or BACS within 5 working days.


You can choose to receive either cheque at a £1 deduction or BACS for your unwanted mobile, BACS payments are much quicker.

What Happens to My Old Mobile?

Working mobiles are re-furbished and sold in developing countries such as Asia, Africa and South America where mobile phones are relied on as their main means of communication. Any handsets that are beyond repair are sent to specialist recycling companies who recover the precious materials inside and then dispose of the hazardous and toxic parts in accordance with the WEEE directive.

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